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Things to Consider When Planning a Hunting Trip

Things to Consider When Planning a Hunting Trip

Planning a hunting trip involves a lot of things, from who you’re going with to what to bring. Many hunters choose to hunt with an outfitter/guide like Samuelson Outfitters because they appreciate the camaraderie and guidance for their “big hunt.”

Here are 7 quick tips for planning a hunting trip.

Planning a Hunting Trip

1) Ask your guide ahead of time what you need to bring with you versus what they’ll have on-hand for you to use.

2) Get into better shape before you go. That means taking some long walks around the neighborhood, swimming in a pool, cutting down on sugar and carbs, and doing what you can to build muscle and endurance. You might even want to walk around carrying a fifteen pound backpack so your body gets used to such a load. Hunting is a physical sport that requires stamina and some degree of physical fitness.

3) Practice ahead of time. Ideally, you should practice as much as you can, trying all different shooting positions. The more comfortable you are with your bow, gun or rifle, the better you’ll be when it comes time to go on the big hunt.

4) Some supplies to stock up on include a flashlight, lighter, first aid kit, bug repellent, binoculars, batteries, field wipes, gloves, and anything else you might need when you’re “on the land.”

5) Ask your outfitter ahead of time how many sets of hunting clothes/change of clothes you’ll need, as well as what kind of camouflage will be ideal for your hunting trip. Remember to dress in layers– have really warm clothing that can be taken off, as needed, if the outdoor air temperature gets warmer. For colder climates, wool is ideal to keep hunters warm. Fleece is good, too.

6) Make sure you’ve got the proper hunting license(s) needed for your trip. You might have to obtain a permit, special stamps, etc. Also, familiarize yourself with state rules and regulations before your visit/hunt.

7) Finally, bring a decent camera so you can take lots of pictures. Not only will you have proof of what you shot, but you’ll also have photographic mementos from your trip, that you can hang up in your house or make into an album.

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