A Beginner’s Guide to Riding a Horse

Horseback Riding in Fraser, COIf your ride horses regularly then you are familiar with how to do so… but then there are the rest of us who might only ride a horse once or twice in our lives. For those folks, here are some tips for riding a horse…

Tips for Horseback Riding in Fraser, CO

What if you fall off for whatever reason? Most people would urge you to “get right back on.” But you don’t have to listen to most people. Unless you feel fine and still have plenty of confidence, there’s no need to get right back on the horse; you could just as easily walk rather than ride. If you feel the need to take some time off from riding atop the horse, don’t be afraid to do so.

With horses, you’re asking them to do things for you, such as move forward. Horses like being lead by their riders, but they don’t like being yelled at or treated poorly. Therefore, keep in mind that horses have feelings and limits. Treat them with respect and dignity. It’s much better to ride a happy horse than one who is mad at you and wants to buck you off their back!

With regards to riding the horse, you want to “flow with the horse” and maintain balance throughout the ride. There’s no real need to dig heels in deep– keep ‘em lowered but not too deep down–this is good advice for the comfort of your own body. Oh, and keep your head up throughout the ride. You need to know where you and your horse are going at all times. You have to look first to figure out where to steer your horse in a safe manner. Here’s a good adage: if you’re looking nowhere, your horse will be going nowhere. True!

Did you know Samuelson Outfitters of Colorado offers full day horseback rides? If you get a group together, rides can be tailored to the riding abilities of each member, such that even the least experienced rider has a good time. Basic riding lessons can be given. Meanwhile, trails vary and Samuelson Outfitters can even supply three hearty meals during the day. Horseback riding trips take place in Granby, Colorado, and can be done June through early September. Reservations are required; please contact Samuelson Outfitters at 970-726-8221 for more information.