A Checklist for Elk Hunting Season

Elk Hunting Checklist Getting ready for elk hunting season? There are a bunch of things you’re going to want to do to make sure you’re prepared when the season starts. Check out five things you should have on your elk hunting checklist below.

Get yourself into good shape.

Elk hunting can be very physically demanding. It’s not out of the ordinary for elk hunters to hike for miles while trying to track down elk. It’s why it’s so important for you to be in great shape heading into elk hunting season. If you try to hop right up off the couch and go elk hunting, you could be asking for trouble.

Stock up on the right gear.

Prior to heading off on an elk hunting trip, you should make sure you’ll have all the gear you need to stay comfortable. That includes everything from warm boots and a solid base layer to a heavy coat and some rainwear. Don’t leave home without all these things!

Give your elk calls a try.

Has it been months since you’ve done an elk call? Shake off the rust by working on your elk calls one at a time. There are four main calls, including the bugle call, the standard cow call, the excited cow call, and soft chirps and mews, that you can use during your hunt. Give them a try before you head out for your hunt.

Scout the area you’ll be hunting in.

Even if you’re going to be hunting in an area in which you’ve hunted before, it’s still smart to scout the area ahead of time. You’ll want to get a good lay of the land so that you’ll know where to go once you start hunting. You’ll also want to try and locate the best places to hunt for elk in the area.

Practice using your weapon.

Whether you’re going to be using a rifle or a bow while elk hunting, you should take it out and tune it up in the weeks leading up to your elk hunting trip. You should also practice with it until it feels good in your hands again. You don’t want to be struggling with your rifle or bow when you start hunting. Get it all done ahead of time so that you’re prepared to take your best shot.

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