Bad Elk Hunting Habits

Do you hunt elk? What are some bad elk hunting mistakes to avoid?

Elk hunters on horseback in Rocky Mountains

Following the Wrong Game Plan

Some hunters have their strategy and they insist on sticking to it, even when it’s not working! This is a common mistake. Don’t be so stubbornly headstrong, thinking your sole strategy is the only way to get elk. You have to be able to adapt and change. Elk will not do exactly what you want them to do, and sometimes you’ll have to go somewhere unexpected to find them. Don’t be tied to just one area, waiting and expecting elk to come to you.

Bad Thought Processes

If you want to hunt elk successfully, you have to think like elk do. Most hunters make the mistake of thinking like a hunter, rather than thinking like the hunted. That said, put yourself in the place of an elk. What is he all about? He wants food and water to survive, so he’s going to go to water sources like creeks, right? Furthermore, he needs bedding– a secured, preferably covered area away from intruders. Elk tend to bed down on south facing slopes or in meadows where there are some timbered/brushy areas– look for them there. You can also become a better hunter when you understand things about elk like their rubs, tracks, scat and bugles. Too many hunters ignore these things and then wonder why they can’t find them.

Not Paying Attention to Moon Phases

Finally, some hunters pay attention to the moon phase, since it will change elk behavior. For instance, fuller moons mean elk will be breeding and more active at night. While the moon phase aspect can be somewhat helpful to successfully finding and hunting elk, it’s not your end all, be all. Take this into account, though: look for elk when they’re transitioning between feeding and bedding– that’s a good time to get them.

Becoming a good elk hunter takes time and practice and smarts. The more time in the field, the better. You live and learn, right? Why not go on a guided elk hunt with Samuelson Outfitters of Colorado? Call 970-726-8221 for more information.