Best Ways To Enjoy Colorado Venison

Only a hunter can understand how much better meat tastes when you worked for it yourself. It’s in the art of hunting that the great circle of life truly continues, a shout-out to the days when it took much more than driving through a take-out window to put dinner on the table. For many, the true prize of a successful hunt is a freezer full of fresh, wild venison. Here are a few of the best ways to prepare it.

Broil It

Like other meats, venison cuts are separated into working and non-working, depending on how much the animal used that area of the body. Non-working cuts tend to be tenderer, which means they can be delicious and tasty even when cooked quickly. Broiling is a perfect method for these, as it cooks quickly and directly, searing the outside of the meat and keeping the juices within.

Sauté It

Sautéing venison on the stovetop is another great way to cook it quickly. Just add a little bit of fat, like oil or butter, and you should have a delicious and flavorful meal. Cast-iron skillets work best as they maintain and distribute high levels of heat better than any other pan. Just be sure to get it very hot before throwing the venison on.

Roast It

Roasting is a bit different because it applies a dry type of heat over a longer period of time. You have control over the temperature and how long you’d like the venison to cook. Roasting is great for cooking large amounts of venison, especially when you include vegetables in the pan. Roasting tends to produce a drier end product, so you might want to baste the venison regularly or stuff it with a good source of fat.

Stew It

Since venison is a little less marbled and fatty than other types of meat, stews can be great for tenderizing the meat and bringing out it’s full flavor, while incorporating it into a larger dish. Start by browning the meat with some oil in a large pot, then add everything else and let it simmer for a long time. You won’t believe how moist and delicious it turns out.

Grill It

Of course, for some, nothing beats grilling. You can choose between using direct or indirect and low or high heat depending on the cut you’re working with and how quickly you want it cooked. Grilling venison will give it that smoky flavor and charred texture that you just can’t get anywhere else.

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