Why Hunting is Good for the Economy [Infographic]

We all know hunting is an exciting and enjoyable pastime, but did you know that hunting also has a huge impact on our economy? It’s true. Hunting not only generates a significant amount of revenue, much of which helps fund state fish and wildlife agencies, it also supports thousands of American jobs. Over the past… Read more »

The Unique Thrills of Elk Hunting

Hunting is steeped more in human tradition than perhaps any other sport. In fact, some would take that statement a step further to say that hunting is a part of human nature. For that reason, we feel an immense amount of satisfaction when partaking in the excitement of hunting season—especially if we’re particularly successful. But… Read more »

The Final Countdown to Hunting Season

Samuelson Outfitters is gearing up for hunting season. Just like schools are preparing for students this time of year, Samuelson Outfitters is getting everything ready for hunters. As a family-run business in Colorado, Samuelson Outfitters has become well-known for organizing elk hunting trips in the Troublesome Basin. These trips, taken on horseback and foot, are… Read more »

Finally Springtime

The meadows have opened up from the winter snows, and are greening up.   In a few days we will start to bring the herd down from winter pasture.  This has been their 26th year wintering up in Walden, at the Murphy Ranch.   I am sure that they are going to be saying to themselves,… Read more »

Benefits of a Guided Elk Hunt and Wilderness Experience

Every hunter has something they cherish most about getting out into the wilderness and reconnecting with nature. Whether it’s the thrill, the tranquility, or the social aspect of hunting, Samuelson Outfitters guided hunts can take your experience to the next level. Learn from an expert – At Samuelson Outfitters, our experienced guides can be especially… Read more »

The Five Stages of a Hunter’s Evolution

Like any sport, with time comes experience and expertise, and hunting is no exception. From just starting out to advancing to a true expert, hunters go through many stages of development. These stages, according to the infograpic below include: The Shooter Stage The Limiting Out Stage The Trophy Stage The Method Stage The Sportsman Stage… Read more »

Colorado hunters were bluffing – We Don’t blame them

So much for that hunting boycott Colorado outdoorsmen were trying to threaten outfitters and the state with. According to the Denver Post, hunting licenses increased by 17,000 this year, a 4 percent jump from 2012. This comes after hunters said they were going to boycott the 2013 season because the threat of harsher gun regulation… Read more »

Troublesome Basin

It’s one of the most undisturbed pieces of Earth in America – a place that’s as natural as the horse you’ll be riding in on. Troublesome Basin in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is home to a plethora of wild animals, trees, birds and home to some of the most incredible views in Colorado. The… Read more »

Hunting Boycott Could Yield Best Hunting Season Yet

With the gun control laws coming down, there have been talks of boycotts and people forgoing the hunting season because of it. Well that only means one thing, more trophy Colorado elk for the rest of us. Gun owners are upset about the new laws that limit magazine capacity and universal background checks, and they… Read more »