How to Prepare for an Elk Hunt at High Elevation

Samuelson Outfitters offers guided elk hunts in Colorado. Keep in mind that elk can be found “way up high in the mountains.” That means hunters need to be prepared to hike to elevations they don’t normally deal with on a daily basis, and the “air up there” can be thinner, making it harder to breathe…. Read more »

What Unsuccessful Elk Hunters Tend to Do During Hunts

Elk hunting is a challenge because it’s difficult. What are some common mistakes elk hunters make that you should avoid? Wrong Time For starters, don’t pick the wrong time to expect to shoot and kill an elk. Ideally, you want to listen for and locate a bull before dawn, in the dark, and get close… Read more »

How Hunting Has Evolved in Colorado

Colorado used to be the “Wild West,” back in the frontier days when settlers were moving westward from states like Ohio and Indiana, in search of new beginnings way out West. Colorado was a place many settlers settled after they got past the Great Plains and came upon the Rocky Mountains. Once in Colorado, they… Read more »

Tips for Storing Elk Meat

For over 50 years, Samuelson Outfitters has been providing great elk hunting experiences in Colorado. When hunters get elk, then they also get lots of elk meat. They take that meat home, and over time, they and their friends and families eat it. Elk meat is tasty and nutritious, and a nice alternative to the… Read more »

Why Elk Are Such Amazing Species

Samuleson Outfitters is known for guided elk hunts in rural Colorado. Hunters come from near and far to experience an elk hunt in the wilderness of Colorado where elk are plentiful. What are some cool facts about elk? Elk Have Fast Growing Antlers Elk have fast growing bone antlers. Only the male elk grow them,… Read more »

How to Keep Your Hands Warm During Frigid Winter Hunts

Warm hands on a cold day? It’s possible. If you want to keep your hands warm during a winter hunt or on a particularly freezing morning, there are gloves, mittens and hybrid options. Finding the Right Gloves is Paramount If you plan to wear gloves while hunting in the winter or other times of the… Read more »

Elk Hunting and Deer Hunting Are Not the Same Thing

If you were to show a picture of an elk and a deer to certain people, they might not know what those animals are, or they might assume they’re the same thing. How can this be? Well, not everyone in the world is around elk or deer, and not everyone is well-educated. That said, some… Read more »

What Should You Bring With You to a Hunting Camp?

When you go hunting, sometimes you set up camp. There are some hunters who trek out into the middle of nowhere, far from civilized society, and they need to establish a base camp where they’ll eat meals and sleep at night. What are some things to bring to a hunting camp? Shelter Well, bringing some… Read more »