What Will a Successful Elk Hunter Tell You?

When you hunt elk and you get one, hearing a screaming bull is quite a big deal! Their body size and those antlers? Huge!  What are some things a successful elk hunter might tell you if they were offering their advice? Bring the Right Gear Successful hunters “gear up.” If they’re using bows to hunt,… Read more »

The Benefits of Summer Pack Trips

Have you ever taken a summer pack trip? It’s a trip by horseback with one or more nights spent on the trail. People who have taken summer pack trips often look back fondly on their adventures in nature. Is this the summer you take one to make some great memories? A Unique View of Nature… Read more »

Reasons to Go On a Horseback Elk Hunt in Colorado

Samuelson Outfitters offers horseback elk hunts in Colorado. Why hunt on horseback? There are many good reasons. One of the main reasons hunters like horseback hunting is that it allows them to cover a lot more terrain in less time compared to walking, right? Horses help make hunting easier, requiring less physical effort from hunters… Read more »

How to Make Delicious Meat From Elk Hunts

Samuelson Outfitters organizes elk hunts in rural Colorado. Once a hunter gets an elk, he or she can take home the meat and eat it. Elk is a healthy red meat. It’s high in protein. What’s more, it’s low in cholesterol and fat. What are some tips for cooking elk meat? Well, because elk has… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind When Planning a Colorado Hunting Trip

Are you planning a hunting trip? Samuelson Outfitters offers the kind of big game hunting trips people dream about, including excellent elk hunts in Colorado. What are some things to consider when planning a hunting trip? Choose the Season That’s Right For You First, consider the time of year you want to go, coupled with… Read more »

Reasons to Take Riding Lessons on a Colorado Vacation

Have you ever thought about taking horse riding lessons? What are some reasons people like to ride horses, and take lessons in order to know how to ride them? Improve Strength and Coordination Did you know that riding horses can help a person improve their own balance and coordination? It may not be easy to… Read more »

What Should You Expect From Your Elk Outfitter?

What should you expect from your elk outfitter? Ideally, the elk outfitter you connect with should make your elk hunting experience worthwhile and enjoyable. You should be contacted before the hunt by your guide. You’ll be informed of what’s provided versus what to bring… and you’ll be given an overview of what to expect for… Read more »

The Benefits of Hunting on Horseback

You come to a certain point in your life where you like to take advantage of anything that makes life a little easier, right? At a certain age, you don’t have to do things the way you always did them. You’re ready for something a little different. You’re open to new experiences. Case in point:… Read more »

When Do You Need a Hunting Guide?

Some hunters hunt alone. Others hunt in groups. And then there are those who prefer to go with hunting guide to help them with their hunt. When do you need a hunting guide? A Lack of Familiarity If you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, hunting unfamiliar land or unfamiliar animals/birds, then it’s a good idea… Read more »

How Has the Pandemic Affected Hunting in Colorado?

2020 was a tough year for people and places and the hunting industry. The coronavirus pandemic meant that plenty of people stayed home and “quarantined,” rather than going out of the house, doing things people normally do, like hunting trips or going to movies, etc. Meanwhile, wildfires didn’t help the whole situation either-– in Colorado,… Read more »