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How a Centuries Old Land Deal Could Affect Colorado Hunters

For almost a century and a half now, the federal government has owed a huge debt to the state of Colorado. When Colorado first became a state back in 1876, it was scheduled to receive about 4 million acres to set up shop. However, a Native American tribe called the Utes were still living on… Read more »

Reasons to go on a Colorado Fishing Trip

Are you planning a fishing trip? There are a bevy of places throughout the U.S. you should consider. But you would be hard-pressed to find a place that offers the kind of fishing you’ll find in Colorado. There are many reasons to pick Colorado for your next fishing trip. Check out a few of the… Read more »

How You Can Use Your Hunting Skills to Become a Better Fisherman

Here’s a radical idea: what if you used your hunting skills to… hunt fish? This is a mindset, so see if it makes sense to you and if it does, then use it. Fishing is a form of hunting, isn’t it? Sure, most people don’t think of it that way, but you’re not most people…. Read more »

Make Your Next Group Outing a Fishing Expedition

Are you looking to take a fun trip that you and your colleagues can use as a team-building activity? Then look no further than fishing. Taking a fishing trip is a great way to come together as a team and use your collective skills to catch some fish. Here are just a few of the… Read more »