Hunting Boycott Could Yield Best Hunting Season Yet

With the gun control laws coming down, there have been talks of boycotts and people forgoing the hunting season because of it.

Well that only means one thing, more trophy Colorado elk for the rest of us.

Gun owners are upset about the new laws that limit magazine capacity and universal background checks, and they plan to take it out the great Colorado outdoors by not hunting the next two years.

That obviously doesn’t benefit outfitters like us, but it does benefit the elk, deer and fish, and those who still want to hunt. If you still want to come out, join us, because there will be more for the rest of us.

Colorado offers more elk licenses than any other state. According to the Denver Post, 474,000 big game applications were submitted to Colorado Parks and Wildlife in 2012. With an estimated 265,000 elk roaming Colorado, if the big-game applications dip in 2013, it only means more monsters for us to harvest.

Right now, statistics on the amount of big-game licenses given out this year is unavailable, but when the deadline came and went on April 2, the influx of applicants temporarily shut down the computers.

So only time will tell whether the boycotts lived up with the billing the protesters gave when Colorado passed the new gun bills.

It’s likely they’re bluffing, because a fall without tracking down trophy Colorado Elk isn’t a fall at all.

If you want to be part of what could be an excellent elk hunting season, contact Samuelson Outfitters, today.