Don’t Confuse Elk Hunting With Deer Hunting

Hunted elk lying in Colorado Mountains

Samuelson Outfitters of Colorado offers guided elk hunts as well as guided deer hunts. Now a novice hunter might assume that hunting elk and deer are pretty much one in the same. But the reality is there are some differences depending on which animal you want to shoot.

Deer and Elk Differences

With deer, hunters tend to value being cautious, as well as patient and silent. Keep in mind, though, that elk are much larger animals. In fact, they’re usually three times bigger than deer! With that in mind, know this: when hunting elk it’s okay to make noise. Elk are loud animals and they expect to hear loud sounds– in fact, they might assume the noise you’re making is one of their own. So stomp on logs, hit trees with branches, and feel free to be noisy when you want to be.

Besides being able to make noise around elk, you can also feel free to move in sight (unlike with deer). Elk can look at you or in your general direction and that’s okay. If you’re taking advantage of camouflage, elk probably won’t realize you’re a threat until it’s too late! When hunting elk, it can help if you have a smudge of charcoal across your cheeks.

Deer hunters generally like to stay in one spot to hunt deer. Hunting elk is a different game. While most deer stick within a mile or two of their home, elk travel! They’ll be near rivers, up mountains, you name it… As migratory, nomadic beasts, elk almost demand hunters keep moving to find them.

Finally, know this: with elk, you can be aggressive. With deer, you can’t be. With elk, however, it’s your chance to run in there and kill them like you’re a warrior from centuries ago. Moving aggressively is actually good when hunting elk.

Whether you want to go on a guided hunt for elk or deer or other animals in the Colorado wilderness, it’s up to you… Call Samuelson Outfitters at 970-726-8221 for more information.