Elk Hunting and Deer Hunting Are Not the Same Thing

Elk hunters on horseback in Rocky Mountains

If you were to show a picture of an elk and a deer to certain people, they might not know what those animals are, or they might assume they’re the same thing. How can this be? Well, not everyone in the world is around elk or deer, and not everyone is well-educated. That said, some people think elk and deer hunting is the “same thing,” since elk and deer seem similar. But to hunt an elk is different than to hunt a deer.

What are some key differences between hunting elk and deer?

With deer, you try to be as quiet as can be, right? With elk, you can be loud! They’re loud and they’re fine with loud noises around them. Go ahead and break some sticks and let the brush swish as you walk through it. Stomp on fallen logs, too.

With deer, you tend to stand still, right? With elk, you can move in sight. Elk have bad eyesight compared to deer. They could be looking right at you and you can shoot them! Wear camouflage and they might not even realize you’re a threat.

With deer, you can hunt in one spot, since deer are pretty ubiquitous and also tend to stay “close to home,” right? Well, with elk, they’re on the move! You might have a long trek ahead of you just to find where they are among 100 square miles of land– perhaps all concentrated within a square mile of those 100 miles!

Finally, with hunting deer, you tend to be more still and calm than aggressive. But with elk? Be aggressive. Run at them, moving aggressively in for the kill.

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