Evidence Shows Hunting in Colorado Helps Our State

Whether you’ve been hunting in Colorado for years or you’re just getting started, you may not realize all of the ways the activity actually benefits the state itself. Hunting can be an incredibly rewarding experience, especially when you become skilled at it! In addition to all of the person benefits of hunting, the following are just a few of the ways you participation is making Colorado a better place.

Colorado’s economy is strong at both a local and state level, and hunting plays a large role in that. It is one of the biggest and most popular industries in the state, even if you’ve never thought about it like that. But, did you know that as of 2014 the amount of money spent of hunting and fishing equates to about $2.8 billion every year? Hunting is a bigger industry in some areas more than others, but it benefits the entire state’s economy.

Hunting isn’t just beneficial to Colorado’s economy. It also helps when it comes to managing local wildlife populations. Without hunting, certain animal populations including deer, bears, and mountain lions would become out of control. When these populations become too large, many animals can suffer from things like starvation and wasting disease. Hunting is a humane and resourceful method to keep things in check.

Even if you don’t personally hunt, odds are you enjoy the results of hunting. Because of hunters, Colorado residents and visitors have an ample supply of locally grown meat available at restaurants and grocery stores. Locally grown and organic meat is in many ways healthier than other types of commercial meat products, and purchases only do more to help local farms and business owners.

With these benefits in mind, you can continue to enjoy hunting in Colorado knowing all of the ways it serves the state and its residents!