How Colorado is Responding to Changing Elk Populations

 In recent years, hunters in Southwest Colorado have seen a huge decline in the elk population. In 2015, there were almost 20,000 elk in the area. However, as of right now, there are fewer than 17,000 elk and it appears as though that number could continue to decrease if the Colorado Parks and Wildlife doesn’t look to do something about it. As such, they’re planning on taking steps to try and increase the elk population in the coming years.

Steps to Increase Elk Population in Colorado

Elk Populations in Colorado

One of the things CPW is going to do in the near future to try and bring the elk population back up is limit the number of archery tags that are given out each year. In 2019, there were about 2,500 archery tags issued, which represented an increase of about 25 percent over 2018. But in 2020, archery tags will no longer be given out to whoever wants them. Hunters will have to take part in drawings to see who gets access to the tags. The CPW is still hashing out the details and trying to determine how many tags will be provided to those who want them.

The hope is that, by doing this, Southwest Colorado will see the number of elk rise within just a few years. The northern part of the state has a healthy elk population at the moment, and the southern part wants to keep up with it, if possible. It remains to be seen how limiting archery tags will impact the elk population in Southwest Colorado. Nonetheless, if nothing else, it should show that the state is committed to helping elk flourish. It should also lead to other initiatives related to increasing the elk population in Southwest Colorado.

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