How Hunting Has Evolved in Colorado

Hunters taking a break in mountains of Colorado

Colorado used to be the “Wild West,” back in the frontier days when settlers were moving westward from states like Ohio and Indiana, in search of new beginnings way out West. Colorado was a place many settlers settled after they got past the Great Plains and came upon the Rocky Mountains. Once in Colorado, they noticed there were many animals to hunt, kill and use for food to sustain their families and villages.

The “Old Days” of Hunting in Colorado

During the “old days,” the key animals hunters hunted in Colorado included black bears, elk and deer (mule deer in the mountains/whitetails in the plains). Bird-wise, Colorado was known for pigeons, ducks, geese and turkey. Besides settlers, the old days included trappers who wanted to get fur pelts to sell back East and soldiers who’d hunt to feed as many people as possible. Eventually, the government stepped in and instituted rules and regulations so that the animals and birds would be somewhat preserved and protected. It became the norm to have a license to kill– not just do it without any permission or having to report to anyone. Conservation efforts have helped wildlife flourish in the state, rather than eliminating entire populations.

The aforementioned animals and birds are still hunted in Colorado in 2022. Hunters like the varied terrain of the state, including the majestic mountains. And just like in the old days, hunters hunt using guns or bows and arrows.

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