How to Become a Better Bow Shooter

Bow Hunting Bow hunting provides an exciting opportunity for hunters to match skill and wits with a variety of game. The very nature of bow hunting makes it more challenging than shooting with a rifle because the range is so much shorter. Accuracy is essential for success bow hunting. Here are a few tips on how to become a better bow shooter.

Practice safety

Safety is an essential foundation for many activities, but certainly applies to any shooting activity. Bow hunting safety includes knowing your target and backstop, but also involves carefully inspecting equipment prior to heading to the range or out for a hunt. Faulty equipment may lead not only to disappointment, but it may also be dangerous.

Practice now

Practice is the only way to improve as a bow shooter, but it is important to not wait until season is about to start to begin practicing. Bow shooting requires skill, but it also requires physical fitness. Muscles that are used in bow shooting may weaken during the off-season without regular practice. Start practicing for bow hunting as early as possible to provide time to strengthen critical muscles.

Practice intentionally

It is one thing to shoot a bunch of arrows for fun, but improving your bow shooting requires practicing intentionally. This involves taking your time with each shot, carefully aiming and releasing, and then assessing the shot afterward. Consider why a bad shot happened and try to correct it with the next one.

Practice realistically

Shooting at a level paper target is better than not practicing at all, but it is not quite the same as many hunting situations. Bow hunters are shooting at 3D animals that move rather than a stationary, 2D target. Hunting also frequently involves shooting from a stand, or from a higher or lower elevation than the animal. Practicing as realistically as possible will help to improve your success when you are in the field and presented with a shot.

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