How to Draw Out the Elk Herd Bull

Elk hunting is one of the most challenging forms of hunting for a variety of reasons. From hiking for miles to track elk down to taking your best shot at one when you finally get it into your sights, there is nothing easy about bagging an elk. But you could argue that the most difficult part might be drawing out the elk herd bull. Getting the elk herd bull to step outside of its comfort zone can be tricky and doesn’t happen very often for hunters. Here are a few ways you might be able to do it.

Use elk calls with help from a partner.

If you’re hunting elk with a partner, you might be able to team up to use elk calls to your advantage. Position your partner about 100 yards away from the elk in a place where the elk herd bull won’t have any chance of spotting them and have them make elk calls. In some instances, elk herd bulls will react to these calls and step out. From there, you can also utilize your own calls to keep the elk herd bull’s attention.

Make other sounds that are as natural as possible.

While elk calls tend to be the most effective sounds that you can direct at elk herd bulls, there might be some other sounds that you can use to rouse an elk herd bull. There are some elk hunters who will use the simple snapping of a twig if they’re close enough to get an elk herd bull’s attention. There are others who will beat on brush or hit trees with branches from further distances. The goal should be to create natural sounds that will pique an elk herd bull’s interest.

Set out special scents.

You never want an elk herd bull to pick up on your scent. That’s one way to ruin an elk hunting adventure. But there are some other scents you can set out to get an elk herd bull interested. Buck scent and cow urine are a couple of good scents to try when you want to draw an elk herd bull out.

You can try all these techniques and still not draw an elk herd bull out. It’s part of what makes elk hunting so challenging. Samuelson Outfitters can talk to you about other techniques that might work and provide you with an unforgettable deer and elk hunting experience in Colorado. Call us at 970-726-8221 today to set up a hunting trip with us.