How to Keep Your Hands Warm During Frigid Winter Hunts

Hunter with gloves on while using binoculars to look for game on a cold winter day

Warm hands on a cold day? It’s possible. If you want to keep your hands warm during a winter hunt or on a particularly freezing morning, there are gloves, mittens and hybrid options.

Finding the Right Gloves is Paramount

If you plan to wear gloves while hunting in the winter or other times of the year when it’s freezing cold outside, you’re going to want to get gloves with a wind blocking shell with built-in insulation and a removable liner. This way, you get extra warmth with the ability to dry out quickly, too. Since it gets so cold outside during the winter, look for gloves with a long cuff that extends all the way over your wrists. If they have a pull cord to stop cold air (and snow) from getting in, great! Some hunters are perfectly happy with warm gloves, but others don’t like them because fingers are separated.

If you’re the type of hunter who wants to have each finger warm up the other fingers on cold hunting days, then consider mittens. Get “chopper style” mittens for maximum warmth. Furthermore, buy and use hand warmers on the inside of the mittens. Hand warmers can be placed across your fingers to keep them warm. Like with gloves, a long cuff draft is ideal such that your wrists are covered, too.

What about hybrids? For hunters, these are mittens that have the middle, ring and pinky fingers together while allowing for maneuverability by keeping the pointer finger and thumb separate. Hybrids work well, especially when hunters need to run the spotting scope or look for animals using binoculars.

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