How to Stay Warm While Hunting in the Woods

Hunting TipsHunting season means being outdoors all day in weather that is often cold or damp. Staying warm while in the field is important for both comfort and safety. These tips will help you stay warm while hunting in the woods this season.

Stay active

It is usually easy to stay warm while walking into a hunting area, but it may not take long to start feeling cold once you stop moving. Even if you are hunting from a stand or blind, small exercises and stretches that you perform in place can help you stay warm. Try not to exercise to the point of sweating though as this may end up making you cold.

Dress in layers

Dressing in layers in the only way to be comfortable throughout the hunting day. Wearing several layers of clothing allows you to stay warm, but also makes it easy to adjust throughout the day as conditions change.

Stay dry

Moisture is the enemy when it comes to staying warm in the woods. It is a good idea to have a waterproof outer layer that can keep you dry from any precipitation. Inside layers should be wicking and fast drying to prevent sweat from dampening your clothing. Wool socks help to keep your feet dry during a long day of hunting. A spare pair of socks takes up little room in a pack, but can make a big difference in staying warm if your feet get wet.

Portable heat

Portable heat solutions like handwarmers can be used to keep your hands and feet warm. They can also be used to keep your core temperature warm by placed several in inside pockets close to your body. Heated socks and vests are also available if you prefer a high-tech way to stay warm while hunting.

Stay out of the wind

Wind can quickly make you cold. Staying out of the wind altogether will help you to stay warm when you are hunting. An outer clothing shell can help to limit the effect of the wind for those times when you cannot move to a more protected position.

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