How You Can Avoid Being Sick From Colorado’s Elevation While Hunting

Hunters hunting in Rocky Mountains

Big game hunting in the mountains of Colorado with Samuleson Outfitters can be a thrill of a lifetime, but not everyone is used to being so high up in elevation! How can you avoid being sick from being up so high where the air is thinner?

If you don’t want to be overcome by dizziness, headaches and fatigue, and you want to avoid altitude sickness, then there are some things you can do to prepare for spending time above 8,000 feet above sea level.

Fluid Levels

First, take stock of what you drink before your trip up a mountain. Avoid all caffeinated drinks one day before leaving for your trip. That means pop, coffee, tea, etc. Also avoid alcohol, so forget wine and beer. Now how about water? Before you go high up a mountain, drink twice as much water as you normally would in a day!

An Excuse for Carbs

Next, what should you eat? This is one of the rare times you should eat more carbs (carbohydrates)! They use less oxygen than fats for digestion so they can help you avoid altitude sickness.

Get Acclimated

Thirdly, there’s a thing called “acclimating” along the way up… this is where you take your time, going slowly higher up so your body can rest at intervals and adjust to the lower level(s) of oxygen and pressure. So, for instance, go a mile up a mountain and then camp overnight. The next day, head higher. Rest again. On the third day, tackle the summit. This gives your body time to adjust accordingly. A gradual ascent is better than a rapid one.

Honest About Pre-Existing Conditions

Finally, talk to your doctor and see if she or he has any concerns. Some people with lung or heart conditions have to be especially careful about high altitudes. If you’re cleared to make the hike, find out where the nearest medical center is just in case you need to visit it for treatment.