Hunting in Colorado Continues to Grow in Popularity

Hunter riding horseback in Colorado

Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic and shut downs, a lot of people stayed home for weeks if not months on end, and they got a little stir crazy and bored. Sure, people can play video games and watch movies, but that’s not the same as real life experiences outside, like hunting. So, it should come as no surprise to you that hunting in Colorado continues to increase in popularity these days.

A Significant Increase in Big Game Hunting Applications in Colorado

Not only are more and more people taking to hiking trails below, on and up Colorado mountains, but they’re also getting their big game applications in because they want to hunt while they hike. Meanwhile, Colorado’s population is growing as more and more people move to the state and want to enjoy the outdoors.

Did you know applications for big game hunting in Colorado have increased by 27% since 2015? That’s quite a jump! Up to 70,000 people a year want to hunt big game in Colorado. Deer and elk are popular, as usual, but so are bighorn sheep and mountain goats. The state’s reputation for good hunting opportunities has spread, such that more and more nonresidents are coming to the state to hunt. For instance, it used to be that one in four applicants for big game hunting was from out of state, but now it’s one in three!

Colorado has a hunter outreach program that includes some 300 mentored hunts statewide to help show young hunters and novice adults how to hunt; Experienced experts are also mentoring people when it comes to fishing, too.

Do you want to hunt in Colorado? You don’t have to go it alone and do everything yourself. Instead, enjoy the camaraderie of hunting with other like-minded individuals, including a guide who knows the specific area well. Samuelson Outfitters offers guided big game hunts near Fraser, Colorado. For more info, call 970-726-8221.