Keep These Things in Mind When Hunting Elk With a Rifle

Elk Hunting With a Rifle Hunting for elk during rifle season is one of the most exciting things a hunter can do. Although elk are known for their robust physiques, it’s not always easy to track them down and give yourself a shot to bag one. Check out some tips that will increase your chances of filling your freezer with meat after you go rifle elk hunting.

Work yourself into great shape in the weeks leading up to your elk hunting trip.

Elk can cover a lot of ground in a single day. That means that you’re going to need to be ready to move around quite a bit when you’re hunting them. It’s not out of the ordinary for elk hunters to hike for 10 or even 15 miles in a single hunting session. With this in mind, it’s important for you to be in great shape so that your body doesn’t give out on you mid-hunt.

Pay attention to which way the wind is blowing.

The last thing you want to do is spend all day hiking around looking for elk only to realize the wind is working against you. You may have to hike several miles to make this possible, but it’s usually best to approach an area where elk might be from downwind. This will help you avoid having the wind give up your location.

Prepare to hunt for elk well into the afternoon and maybe even into the early evening.

Many elk hunters make their way out to hunt early in the morning and then give up around noon if they don’t have any success. This isn’t the best way to go about doing things. Hunting for elk requires a ton of patience. You need to be ready to spend a whole day out in the woods hunting. That might even mean sticking around while the sun is going down to get the shot you’ve been waiting for. It’s yet another reason why you need to be in great shape when hunting elk.

If you’ve never gone elk hunting before, it’s a smart idea to go with a guide during your first elk hunting trip. It’s also good to call on a guide if you’re hunting in an area you’ve never been to before. Samuelson Outfitters can take you on guided deer and elk hunting adventures in Colorado. Call us at 970-726-8221 today to reserve a guided rifle elk hunt.