Keep These Things in Mind When Planning a Colorado Hunting Trip

Are you planning a hunting trip? Samuelson Outfitters offers the kind of big game hunting trips people dream about, including excellent elk hunts in Colorado. What are some things to consider when planning a hunting trip?

Choose the Season That’s Right For You

First, consider the time of year you want to go, coupled with when the best time of the year is for hunting the particular animal you want to hunt. For instance, a certain animal might best be hunted in a certain time frame each year, right? Or, perhaps, you look online and see that the trip you’d like to take is a certain week in a certain month… basically, you have to plan ahead, marking down dates on your calendar to make sure you can get away from “normal life” and go do the hunt when it takes place. It’s not unusual to plan hunting trips many months in advance.

Find a Quality and Reliable Outfitter

Next, when you hire an outfitter for a guided hunt, you should talk with your guide beforehand and “get the scoop” so you know what to bring and what to expect. It’s amazing how a few minutes on the phone or a few emails can really help enlighten a hunter about their impending trip.

Be Prepared to Ensure Success!

Thirdly, do you best to get in shape before the hunt. You want to be physically and mentally ready, and you should also practice shooting long before you’re on the land during your actual hunt. Get outside more and walk/hike. Take your gun to the local shooting range and practice with targets and such. Preparation is key for a great hunt.

Picking the Right Gear

Finally, what about accessories and gear to pack? You should make yourself a checklist after consulting with your guide. You’ll want things like maps (GPS), a flashlight, trail mix, a camera, field wipes, etc.  Look online to find suggestions on what to pack, including what kind of clothing you’ll need– hunters typically need some rain gear, and enough clothes to keep them warm and dry on wet, rainy days.

In the mood to plan a hunting trip, but need some guidance or help? Call Samuelson Outfitters today at 888-346-7978 or use this online contact page.