New Year’s Resolutions For Hunters

Hunting Resolutions As 2017 becomes 2018 and time marches on, what are some new year’s resolutions for hunters?

Practice Makes Perfect

First and foremost, this new year is the year you can decide to practice with your gun more often. Now that’s kind of vague, isn’t it? “More often” could mean anything. How about we make it more specific? Say it with me now: “In 2018, I will practice with my favorite gun for at least one hour per week. For every week I do not touch my gun, I will donate $20 to a local charity.” This way, you’ll actually make sure you “stay fresh” with your rifle, pistol or shotgun, rather than letting it gather dust.

Spend More Time in Nature

Next, in a related resolution, this year should be the year you spend more time actually hunting on hunting grounds. To that end, book a trip now (via Samuelson Outfitters) so you’ll have something to look forward to later this year. Sure, you can start local, by spending more time outdoors near where you live, doing some hunting, but this year, to make things more interesting, go somewhere you’ve never hunted before and see what you find there. That’ll make 2018 a memorable year for you.

Improve Your Stamina

Also, it can be really easy to “let yourself go.” Heck, beer, chips and pizza taste great! That said, we could all stand to lose a little weight and get our bodies moving more. We could also eat more healthy foods. Why not resolve to introduce one “healthy choice” per week into your diet, such as a leafy green salad with your steak? Furthermore, do what others do and join a gym to work out. Get those muscles moving and get your heart pumping. The more “in shape” you get, the easier it will be to hunt.

Join a Firearms Group

Finally, consider joining the National Rifle Association (NRA) since there’s strength in numbers. While some 80 million Americans own firearms, the NRA only has about 5 million members. Why bother to join the NRA? This organization fights for your rights as a hunter and is filled with other hunting enthusiasts.

Best of luck to all hunters this year!