The Benefits of Summer Pack Trips

Summer Pack Trips in Colorado

Have you ever taken a summer pack trip? It’s a trip by horseback with one or more nights spent on the trail. People who have taken summer pack trips often look back fondly on their adventures in nature. Is this the summer you take one to make some great memories?

A Unique View of Nature

If you ever wanted to feel like a cowboy or cowgirl, you need to take a summer pack trip. You get to ride a horse into the backcountry and see the wilderness in a unique way. And it sure beats walking!

Summer pack trips allow you to see nature in a cool way– on horseback. You’ll see all sorts of things you might not notice if you stuck to roads or just walked.

Most people want to take summer pack trips because they want to get away from “the city” and “get back to nature.” Well, that’s exactly the reason to take a trip! You get away from the craziness of suburbia, and spend time where nature is beautiful. Plus, you have a guide so you’re not all alone in the middle of nowhere. Your guide makes sure you don’t get lost, and that you have several things with you so you don’t experience problems like a lack of food or water.

If you like the idea of camping under the stars in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of “normal everyday life,” then a summer pack trip is what you need in your life. It’s a chance to relax a bit, clear your mind, and feel like you’re living in another world if only for a couple days. Maybe you’ll go fishing, or for a swim. Maybe you’ll take some of the best nature photos you’ve ever taken. Or maybe you’ll discover unexpected surprises along the journey– the kind you’ll tell stories about for years to come!

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