The Five Stages of a Hunter’s Evolution

Like any sport, with time comes experience and expertise, and hunting is no exception. From just starting out to advancing to a true expert, hunters go through many stages of development. These stages, according to the infograpic below include:

  1. The Shooter Stage
  2. The Limiting Out Stage
  3. The Trophy Stage
  4. The Method Stage
  5. The Sportsman Stage

A closer look at the visual below will give you a better idea of what these stages entail, although for the most part they are self-explanatory and to be quite honest, right on target (no pun intended).

The Shooter Stage is just as it seems, the time when a hunter is trigger happy, shooting as often as possible! If you are this type of hunter, remember, safety first. The hunter at the Limiting Out Stage is focused on bringing home as much game as possible; get ready to try out some new recipes! An inevitable evolution to the Trophy Stage, these hunters look forward to racking up as many trophies as possible. This might be the time to invest in a large pickup truck!

Beyond focusing on scoring trophies, the avid hunter will advance to the Method Stage. This hunter knows it all, sports only top of the line equipment and accessories and bags the all-elusive game. With some much knowledge, you can learn invaluable tips from this hunter.

Graduating from the Method Stage, the hunter enters the Sportsman Stage where they enjoy the outdoors and educate less evolved hunters; hunting with Samuelson Outfitters means you’ve graduated to the Sportsman Stage.