Tips for Adjusting to Higher Altitudes

Altitude Are you in the process of planning a hunting trip to Colorado? One of the things that you need to know about the state is that a lot of it sits at a very high altitude. This means that your body is likely going to feel and perform differently when you are in Colorado than it does when you are closer to sea level. Your body should adapt to the higher altitude in a day or two, but until then, there are some things you can do to get your body used to being so high up. Here are some tips for getting used to higher altitudes.

Stay hydrated.

When you visit a place located at a higher altitude than you’re used to, your body will tend to lose a lot of water and sodium trying to acclimate to your surroundings. This means that you are going to feel dehydrated very quickly if you don’t keep water on hand and drink plenty of it. It will help you avoid dehydration, and it will also prevent your skin from drying out in the thin, cool Colorado air.

Steer clear of doing too much physical activity.

There is less oxygen in the air at a higher altitude than there is in the air at sea level. As a result, you won’t be able to do a lot of physical activity at a higher altitude without getting winded very quickly. Even if you’re in great shape, the air in Colorado simply won’t allow your body to get the oxygen it needs when you’re doing something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs. So resist the urge to jump right into any kind of physical activity when you land in Colorado.

Put on plenty of sunscreen.

If you’re going to be outside a lot during your trip to Colorado, make sure you put on sunscreen to protect your skin. Since you’re at a higher altitude in the state, you will be closer to the sun and exposed to more of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This can cause sunburn, and it can also cause you to become even more dehydrated. So don’t be shy about slathering on a little extra sunscreen in Colorado.

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