Tips for Staying Safe During Hunting Season

Few things are more exciting than the start of hunting season. Finally, after waiting patiently waiting for the season to arrive during the blistering summer months, we can now endeavor into the woods in hopes of finding the trophy of our dreams.

With that being said, it’s important to note that all hunters should take certain pre-cautions to ensure that everyone can stay safe while enjoying the sport we love so much. Here are three tips that will help you and your hunting buddies stay safe this season:

  1. It’s wise to hunt with others. Like most things in life, hunting is more fun when you enjoy it with family or friends, but more importantly, going with a friend can help keep you safe. Hunting aside, imagine if a worst case scenario happened and you had a health scare in the woods with no one around to help. Or if you tripped and hurt your knee or hit your head and were unable to move. Having a friend close by is an excellent insurance policy, and it will also help you find success as you track game or need to carry your trophy through the woods. Of course, if you’re new to hunting and don’t have anyone to show you the ropes, you can always go with an experienced and friendly hunting guide.
  2. Wearing proper attire. Of course, you’ll not only want to wear orange, but you’ll also want to dress appropriately for chili temperatures; after all, you don’t want to be so cold that you’ll experience frostbite or be too cold to make the shot you spent so much time visualizing.
  3. Properly prepare for your shot. Be sure to prepare your gun before you go venture in the woods, and ALWAYS assume when you’re holding a firearm that it’s loaded. Be sure to only point the firearm in a safe direction, and make sure it’s a firearm that you feel comfortable using and holding.

If you would like to go hunting with an expert in the beautiful countryside of Colorado, please do not hesitate to schedule a guided hunting trip with Samuelson Outfitters!