What Does it Take to Have a Memorable Elk Hunt in Colorado?

Elk in Mountains of Colorado

Do you want to have a successful elk hunt in Colorado? Go on a guided hunt with Samuelson Outfitters. You’ll walk or travel on horseback in a roadless part of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest near Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a primitive area, and a true wilderness experience for those up for the challenge!


Where do elk like to hang out? Well, you’ll probably find them on steep hillsides, thick timberland, or dark ravines. Did you know there are more than 280,000 elk roaming around the wilds of Colorado? Of all the states, Colorado has the most elk.

Weather Factors

For a successful hunt, pay attention to the weather. If there’s snow falling and there’s more than a foot on the ground, elk typically move toward lower elevations looking for food sources. You might find them on slopes where vegetation is exposed.

Slow and Steady

When you hunt elk, do it slowly and quietly. You’re most likely to find elk far away from any roads. They often opt for the most rugged terrain possible, which means that’s where you’ll need to go. Pay attention to the wind direction; Do what you can to conceal your scent since elk have a highly developed sense of smell. Keep in mind that elk can remain completely still, blending into the background, and/or they can easily run away quickly, making it harder for you to hunt them.

Other Factors

Did you know elk are most active at night? That said, if you’re hunting them during the day, look for them among dark timber. They tend to go to cool, north-facing slopes.

Finally, when you shoot an elk, you’re going to want to aim for the area of their lungs and heart. This is just behind the front quarter. It’s unethical to shoot elk in the head, by the way.

When you book a guided elk hunt with Samuleson Outfitters, your trusted guide will be able to help you shoot and kill elk. Please call 970-726-8221 to plan your trip.