What is a Drop-Camp Hunting Trip?

Drop Camp Hunts Do you feel confident in your ability to hunt for elk without a hunting guide by your side? If so, you might want to consider taking a drop-camp hunting trip. They’re starting to become popular with those who want to hunt for elk without a hunting guide but don’t want to go through the hassle of packing up everything they’ll need to take a hunting trip on their own. Here is more information on what a drop-camp hunting camp is and how it could potentially benefit you.

What is a drop-camp hunting trip?

A drop-camp hunting trip falls somewhere in between a guided hunting tour and a DIY hunting adventure. When you arrange a drop-camp hunting trip, a company will provide you with everything you’ll need to hunt elk successfully. You’ll get tents, tables and chairs, firewood, cooking materials, and more. The only things that won’t be included are a hunting guide and a cook to prepare meals for you.

The Benefits of Planning a Drop-Camp Hunting Trip 

When you choose a drop-camp hunting trip over a guided hunting trip, you’ll usually save quite a bit of money. It’s not uncommon for hunters to save a couple thousand dollars by opting for a drop-camp hunting trip. Drop-camp hunting trips also allow you to showcase your skills without having to rely on a more experienced hunter to guide you.

Is a Colorado drop-camp hunting trip right for you?

Drop-camp hunting trips are not for everyone. If you haven’t spent years and years hunting for elk, you’re going to have a tough time making the most of a drop-camp hunting trip. Then again, you might also like the comfortable accommodations that you receive when you hunt with a guide rather than going at it alone. Put simply, if you enjoy being in nature, have a yearning for adventure and

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