What Should You Bring With You to a Hunting Camp?

When you go hunting, sometimes you set up camp. There are some hunters who trek out into the middle of nowhere, far from civilized society, and they need to establish a base camp where they’ll eat meals and sleep at night. What are some things to bring to a hunting camp?

Man in comfortable chair at hunting camp


Well, bringing some sort of shelter can be important if there isn’t anything already set up “out there.” For instance, you might need to bring tents with you, along with sleeping bags and some cooking/meal basics like a skillet, bowls, matches to start a fire, etc. If you want the kind of tent that can have a lot of space and be heated by a wood stove, consider a canvas-walled “old-school” tent. Travel trailers can also make a nice option for somewhere to sleep and get out of the elements.

The Right Foods and Water

Water and food are other essentials that hunters need to bring to a hunting camp. Most likely, you’ll need to haul a couple gallon jugs of water with you. It’s good to have drinking water with you, as well as water for a quick shower, which can help keep your scent to a minimum. As for food, you’ll need to eat meals during your hunts, so consider freeze-dried meals and/or bringing a cooler, portable fridge or freezer depending on where you’re camping and how long you’ll be there. Bring meat with you, as well as beer, instant blend coffee, snacks, seasonings, a skillet, etc.


If you plan to be comfortable at camp, it’s nice to have a rugged reclinable chair as well as a strong, full-size table.

If possible, bring a smokeless fire pit with you.

A lot of what you bring to a hunting camp depends on whether you’re on your own and starting from scratch or if you’re going on, for example, a guided hunt where there’s some sort of lodge and/or campsite that’s already got several items there.

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