What Should You Expect From Your Elk Outfitter?

Elk Hunting in Colorado

What should you expect from your elk outfitter? Ideally, the elk outfitter you connect with should make your elk hunting experience worthwhile and enjoyable. You should be contacted before the hunt by your guide. You’ll be informed of what’s provided versus what to bring… and you’ll be given an overview of what to expect for the entire experience. For instance, will you be on horseback? Or walking? Will you use a bow and arrow or a gun?

Obviously, when you work with an elk outfitter, you should expect to see elk! After all, the outfitter is all about helping hunters hunt elk. So, your guide has a better idea than you do where to find elk on the land they typically hunt. When you take a hunting trip with a guide, it shouldn’t be “that hard” to find elk! It should be a smooth experience… and the outfitter should also be able to offer you a nice place and the ability to eat good meals, if their package includes that. 

Elk outfitters typically help hunters with field dressing, quartering and getting the animal back to camp. Even “little things” like having a way to get elk meat under refrigeration quickly after the bull is harvested are taken care of by the outfitter. Perhaps there’s a butcher on hand to process the meat right after you’ve tagged your elk. 

Samuelson Outfitters offers elk hunting trips in Fraser, Colorado, northwest of Denver and west of Boulder, with upcoming elk hunts in October and November. Pack service is available. You may need to buy a hunting license beforehand. For details, check this page. Do you want to know more about Samuelson Outfitters’ hunts? Here are details. And what gear is needed? Find out here.  

Do you have questions about elk hunting in rural Colorado? Use the online contact page, here.