What Those Living on the East Coast May Not Know About West Coast Hunting Trips

Hunter in Rocky Mountains

Samuelson Outfitters is known for guided elk hunts in rural Colorado, which is, for most Americans, “out West.” After all, many Americans do live east of the Mississippi River and may or may not ever travel out West unless they have a reason to, whether it’s for a family wedding, a vacation, or, perhaps big game hunts.


A lot of East Coast hunters get things wrong about hunting out West. For starters, they automatically assume it costs a fortune. That’s not always the case. There are reasonable guided hunts that cost about the same price as taking a trip to Disneyland or Las Vegas. East Coasters also typically think a hunt out West means they’ll have to climb a mountain. While that’s possible (if you want to), not all hunts require mountain climbing in the West. With elk hunts, for instance, you might be a mile or two away from a nearby road, hunting on relatively flat land.

Expensive Equipment

Do you need an expensive rifle for Western hunts? Nope. It just has to be reliable. If there’s one thing to care about, it’s your riflescope– buy and use the best you can afford for Western hunts. Is long-range rifle shooting a must out West? Not necessarily. You should be able to get within 400 yards of an animal in the majority of situations.

Scenic Areas

Is hunting out West pretty scenic? You bet it is! It looks a lot different than the East, and that’s what makes it interesting for East Coasters to make the trip and see something new and different out West. If you’re up for the challenge of hunting elk or other big game in Colorado, hook up with Samuelson Outfitters by calling 970-726-8221 to plan your trip.