What To Do the Night Before Hunting

As hunting season begins, you are probably making plans for your hunt. There is plenty of preparation for you to do as the time approaches. Here’s what to do the night before hunting.

The Night Before Hunting

Hunting preparation for most hunters actually starts weeks, if not months, before a big hunt. This is the time when you may shop for a new rifle, stock up on any preferred supplies, practice shooting, make travel plans, and purchase licenses.

As a big hunt approaches, the days often involve packing gear, reviewing travel plans, and preparing any food for the hunt. The last few days are often hectic as forgotten details are remembered and time is running out too quickly.

On the night before hunting, it is a good idea to review your packing list and double-check all gear to be sure nothing is missing or forgotten. This can include everything from ammunition to food to spare clothing. This step is important as you may not be able to replace something once you leave home. It is better to take a few minutes the night before and be sure everything is ready.

Finally, be sure to get a good night of sleep before hunting. There is nothing worse than spending months preparing for a big hunt only to be too tired to enjoy it when the day arrives. Being rested also makes it easier to engage in physical activity and to be at your best when the opportunity for a shot comes along.

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