What Will a Successful Elk Hunter Tell You?

When you hunt elk and you get one, hearing a screaming bull is quite a big deal! Their body size and those antlers? Huge! 

Elk Hunting

What are some things a successful elk hunter might tell you if they were offering their advice?

Bring the Right Gear

Successful hunters “gear up.” If they’re using bows to hunt, they might bring with them some light and fast arrows, but also some heavier ones… and in the end it’s the heavier ones that get the elk. You need a weapon that has the power to penetrate larger animals. For bow hunting elk, that’d be a finished arrow weight of 420 grains. Keep in mind it’s so important to control the pulling weight. You should be able to be comfortable pulling a weight that won’t make you struggle, while also still maintaining proper form. 

Be Efficient…But Aggressive

Elk can be aggressive, so a successful hunter would tell you to be aggressive, too. If and when you’re near one and it’s “all fired up,” take control. Strike with efficiency and intensity. You have to move quickly with big, noisy elk. Don’t be afraid to make noise, too, such as stick snaps or pinecone crunches. 

Have a Plan

If possible, familiarize yourself with a cow elk call before you go on a hunt. Learn how to blow it. That device can help make a bull elk come to you! 

Hunt With a Knowledgeable Colorado Hunting Guide

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