When Do You Need a Hunting Guide?

Hunter on Horseback

Some hunters hunt alone. Others hunt in groups. And then there are those who prefer to go with hunting guide to help them with their hunt. When do you need a hunting guide?

A Lack of Familiarity

If you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, hunting unfamiliar land or unfamiliar animals/birds, then it’s a good idea to get help from a hunting guide. He or she is there to serve your needs and help you have a great hunting experience.

Local Knowledge

Hunting guides know the land where they work– and they’re good at the art of navigation. What this means is that guides get around well– they know the paths to take, the areas to go to, and the areas to avoid. They know the good, bad and the ugly about a place. Guides have taken the time to learn all about the area where they work and that can come in real handy when you’re with them! Say, for instance, you have a major issue and need to get back to basecamp– with a guide, they’re there to steer you in the right direction for assistance if needed. In some cases, they’re the ones who go for help for you! Or maybe you’re terrible at directions and get lost easily– but having a guide around eliminates that problem. 

Improved Techniques

If you’re a novice hunter, a guide can be a great mentor and help you improve your techniques. It’s nice to have an expert by your side, giving helpful advice and encouraging you along the way. Plus, it’s nice to have someone to talk to and share the hunt with– and they can take pictures of you and your kill, too. 

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