Why Colorado Loves to Hunt

Hunting People in Colorado take their hunting very seriously. Why wouldn’t we? Hunting is in our blood, so ingrained in the culture of growing up in Colorado. When you’re surrounded by such natural beauty as we are, it only seems natural for kids to learn how to hunt before they walk. C’mon, who can blame us? Hunting excites the soul. It makes us want to get out of bed in the early morning to greet the morning with a smile on our faces and adventure in our hearts.

Of course there’s an economic benefit for the state, a HUGE economic benefit. For 2013-2014, license sales and wildlife fees alone equaled a total of around $80 million. That is a lot of moolah! That being said, there are those are still scrambling for leftover licenses.

As reported by Kalie Greenberg for KKCO News, “Lines were out the door at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office Tuesday as hunters patiently waited to purchase leftover hunting licenses for the season. Sales started at 9:00 a.m. and licenses were given out at on a first come first serve basis.”

Each park has its own specific amount of leftover licenses; some have hundreds, others have less than ten, so is there is a bit of “healthy” competition between customers in terms of acquiring them. One hunter said, “I was lucky enough to get what I wanted, so it worked out real well.” Unfortunately it didn’t work out so well for all hunters involved. Needless to say, there’s still a scramble for leftover licenses. Remember, it’ll illegal to not be licensed when out hunting. If you’re still looking for leftover licenses, best to act now before it’s too late.