Why Doing Activities Outdoors is Good for Your Health

Have you heard of “sick building syndrome?” There is such a thing, and it’s when office workers get headaches and stuffy/runny noses, etc., due to their unhealthy work environment. When you’re cooped up indoors day after day in a poorly ventilated area, that stale air is no good for you. Add to that all the time you spend looking at a computer screen, sitting in your chair, and it’s no wonder your body’s not feeling up to par.

Want to improve your health? Do outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, hunting or fishing. Not only will your body get moving, but the fresh air will be good for your lungs. Samuelson Outfitters can arrange a fun outdoor elk hunting trip for you in Colorado– now that’s time well spent outdoors.

Pollutants fill the air indoors– everything from pet dander to chemical fumes. Spending time daily outdoors will expose your body to fresh air. Your body craves sunshine on your skin. Your legs need to walk or run now and then so they don’t atrophy. Your eyes need to see something else besides words and images on a computer screen.

Fresh Air

There’s something to be said about hippies who go out into the forest to commune with nature. Being barefoot, taking your shirt off, and breathing in the scent of flowers, trees and whatever else surrounds you gives you a feeling of freedom, peace, and “good to be alive” moments. Mentally, we all need a day at the beach or river or forest or mountains to clear our heads, take in nature’s wonders, and renew our mind, body and soul.

The more time you spend outdoors, the healthier you’ll be. Something as simple as going for a walk outside can lead to creative breakthroughs in your life as your mind is prone to wander, think, dream and come up with interesting ideas. Being outside inspires creativity while also helping people focus on their thoughts. Want to improve your mood? Five minutes in the fresh air can help!

When you spend time outdoors soaking up the sun’s rays, your body is getting Vitamin D which helps your immune system fight infections. The vast majority of the American public is Vitamin D deficient; they should be spending more time outdoors in the sunshine and so should you!

Finally, the healing power of nature has been known to restore the health of sick people. In the old days, sick people would retreat to a cottage by the sea to sit outside, get some sun, and be near water. That environment, even now, still beats a hospital bed.