Why Father and Son Hunts Are Memorable

When you get a bit older, you start to think about life more and more. You start remembering back to the days when you were younger, and certain moments appear in your memories, flooding your brain with good thoughts, sometimes even to the point where you tear up.

Some boys aren’t that good at fishing or hunting, while others are. But really, no matter how “good” a kid is at such things, what matters most is time spent with dad. A father-son hunting trip may only last a few days, but the memories from it can last a lifetime.

One-on-One Time

Raising sons today is hard. Dads are competing with the Internet and digital devices. Who hasn’t seen a kid buried in a screen, barely acknowledging the people around him? Yet, we’re all human and we all, deep-down, crave connection. This is especially true of fathers and sons. After all, most sons will spend the majority of their time away from dad, since they’re at school most days while dad is “always at work.” Taking a hunting trip together is a chance for fathers and sons to get away from wives, mothers, and sisters, and just bond with each other, one-on-one, with quality “guy time.”

A Chance to Explore

Father and Son HuntingBoys tend to be energetic and like to explore. Hunting gives them the chance to get outdoors and look for animals to shoot. But even if they don’t shoot and kill an animal, the hunting experience matters because they’re outdoors, in the woods and fields, with their dad, talking about life. That togetherness is so special– a time when fathers can pass down words of wisdom, funny stories, and guidance in an environment where their kid will actively listen and engage in conversation with them. 

An Outdoor Challenge

Hunting is challenging– and boys (and men) need to be challenged. They want to feel useful. They want to be tested and achieve results. They want a picture of their experience to proudly show others. A father and son hunt helps build self-confidence, manliness, and an appreciation for nature. It’s a positive experience for fathers and sons to have together, and something they can do even years later if they want to and both can handle the physical challenges of walking through rough terrain.

Samuleson Outfitters encourages fathers to take their sons hunting…  Located in Granby, Colorado, we offer guided deer and elk hunts. Better yet, we offer the chance for fathers and sons to bond over a shared “manly” experience, hunting together in the woods. For more info, call 970-726-8221.