We are a three generation family business, permitted and operating on the Medicine Bow Routt National forest, with the Parks Ranger District. Our D.O.R.A. number is #729.

In the Troublesome Basin, our Priority Special Use Permit allows Samuelson Outfitters to provide our summer and fall activities.

Commercially started in 1967, Ray D. “Sonny” Samuelson provided quality horseback hunts.  The Troublesome Basin is a road-less, non-motorized primitive, wilderness area.  Horseback and foot travel are the modes of transportation.

In 1987, Richard and Cathy bought the business from his Dad, which they expanded.

Slowly, they included Archery and Muzzle loading hunts, Drop Camps and Pack Services.  Due to their love for personal summer pack trips, they added summer activities.

Day rides and summer pack trips became regular fare, along with the fall hunting opportunities.

2014, their son Ehren was included as a working partner.   A younger generation of  new ideas have been implemented by Ehren and his wife, Abbey.  Packing supplies for progressive hiking groups, working with Wounded Vets’, Men and Ladies Wilderness/Yoga Retreats, Family Day Rides.

“Sonny” would be proud to see how his start up endeavor has grown into a 50 year plus Family Outfitting business.