The Troublesome Basin is part of the Medicine Bow Routt National Forest.  It is on the West side of GMU #18.  As the crow flies, the Basin is 20 miles west of Grand Lake and the west entrance to Rocky National Park.

Parkview MTN., 12,300′ is the northern boundary of our permitted area.  It is also,  one of two locations where that part of the Continental Divide that runs East to West instead of  North to South.

An Early American adventure writer, Zane Grey, wrote of the Troublesome Basin, in his book, THE MYSTERIOUS RIDER, published in 1919. 

His observations then, of the Basin, are valid today.   Old White Slides (Parkview MTN), rolling hills, meadows and glades, dark coniferous stands of pines, sage hillsides, multiple columbines and purple asters along with riotous colors of other foliage.  The abundance of wildlife, birds, rodents are seen everywhere.  Today’s visitor to the Basin will see those open views and the sundry elk, deer, moose, sage hens, roving coyotes, bears, mountain lions, beavers and more.

With the North Dakota Lodge Pole Pine infestation, we now have new growth appearing.  These pine beetles ate and marched their way through the Basin in the mid 1990’s.  We were fortunate to have experienced the prime of this forest, witnessed the death of the lodge pole pines and now we get to see the rebirth of this forest.   Dealing with the downfall, has changed the dynamics of hunting the game, but so have our woodsman abilities.  With the possibility of the dead and falling trees, all of our staff carry either hand saws or have chain saws on the pack horses.  We try to keep the trail accessibilities open.  Adaptability to the situation has sustained Samuelson Outfitters.  

Our camps average 8500′ and the weather can be varied.  Summer and early fall day temperatures can fluctuate from 50 to 85 degrees. The nighttime temperatures may  drop down to 20 degrees.  Late fall days can be as warm, but the nighttime temperatures might drop to -20 below.  One needs to have the various layers to stay warm, and an appropriate sleeping bag.