How it Works

We provide a “Fair Chase Hunt” opportunity

GUIDED CAMP:  We greet our clients at our trailhead.   Assign you to a specific horse, get your gear pack onto the pack-horses, and get you to camp in time for a hearty evening meal.  Our large cook and socializing tent typically has coffee, a warm wood-burner and welcoming atmosphere to the clients and visitors who may stop by. 

There are several smaller tents for the clients and staff

The price includes a guide per two clients, a horse with tack, saddlebags and rifle scabbard.  the cooks providing 2 hot meals, a sack lunch, lots of snacks and non alcoholic   beverages.  Each sleep tent has a wood-burner stove, cots with mattresses, lanterns and throw rugs.   When successful, the packers will pack your one animal harvested, back to the trailhead.

There is a 75# weight limit

DROP CAMPS:    Minimum of four clients.  At our trailhead, the staff assigns you a tacked up horse, with saddlebags and a rifle scabbard.   We apply a packhorse per person, additional fee for extra pack -horses.  After the staff delivers your group to your camp, they will take all the horses back to the trailhead.  You need to provide your own food and beverages, foot hunt, do your own chores.   The camp includes a large sleep/cook tent, kitchen, cooking and eating utensils, 2 burner cook stove, wood-burner, matches and lighter fluid, appropriate indoor and outdoor tools, lanterns and cots with mattresses., 5 gallon water containers.   The price also includes packing out one animal per client, to the trailhead.

Please call about weight limits

PACK SERVICE:  For new clients, we pick out a location that has excellent drinking water and is good for foot hunting.  These are pre-designated locations.

Cost is per horse used going one way.  Riding is optional to save on the cost.   Though, if you are new, we recommend that you ride into your location, though it is not required.  That way you can see the area, landmarks, drainages, ridges, etc. and be able to ask the staff questions.  . 

If new to horse-packing, we will help with ideas on how to prepare and pack food, as well as you personal gear.   Efficiency uses less pack-horses.

There is no limit to how many pack-horses you may want to use

*** We recommend that you pack your gear into several duffle bags, 36-40′ in length.   One large duffle bag does not work for balancing loads on the pack- horses.

Handles and straps are good to help cinch the duffle bags onto the horses’ panniers.  The heavier hunting type sleeping bags can be in their own duffle bag.