How to Make Delicious Meat From Elk Hunts

Samuelson Outfitters organizes elk hunts in rural Colorado. Once a hunter gets an elk, he or she can take home the meat and eat it. Elk is a healthy red meat. It’s high in protein. What’s more, it’s low in cholesterol and fat.

Elk raw steak from wild meat on a cutting board

What are some tips for cooking elk meat? Well, because elk has a lack of fat, it can quickly dry out or get overcooked when you’re preparing to eat it. So, the best way to cook elk is to do it “hot and fast” or “low and slow.” 

If you have large chunks of tough elk, you can cook it over low heat for several hours in order to make the chunks tender. Doing so helps infuse the meat with flavor. 

If you have tender cuts from the tenderloin or backstrap, cook those hot and fast. 

Do you like to grill? Elk meat can be grilled just like beef! Add some pepper and garlic salt for seasoning. Use sauces or marinades to help get rid of a “gamey taste.” 

In case you freeze your elk meat (and most people do), you should get it out of the freezer and thaw it in the fridge for a day or two before you plan to cook it. If you need the meat right away and can’t wait a day or two, you can thaw it under running cool water. Avoid using your microwave to thaw elk meat. 

If you want to cook an elk steak in a skillet, use a big, heavy cast iron one. These types of skillets get nice and hot! Use some oil in the skillet and place your elk steak on the hot pan. Add some bacon grease if you’d like, and/or eat your elk steak with a side of bacon– a great combo. 

In the mood to smoke your elk meat? Cook the meat in a smoker. Yes, it will take a while (45 minutes to an hour), but it will also be so flavorful. 

There are many ways to prepare and cook elk meat. Part of the fun of hunting elk is getting the meat afterward and trying out different ways to prepare and cook it!