Why Elk Hunting is a Unique Experience

Bull elk in Colorado

Sometimes it seems like everybody and their brother hunts deer. Among hunters, deer are popular, aren’t they? Well, there are plenty of deer around, which does make them easier to hunt than certain other animals. And it is fun to hunt deer. Plus their meat can be eaten for many dinners, so that’s a bonus. But what about those of you who are tired of hunting deer or have zero interest in ubiquitous deer? Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to go somewhere else, see something else and hunt for something else? If so, then consider a guided elk hunting trip.

Elk Make Magnificent Trophies

Elk are huge animals with big antlers, the kind that you hang on your wall in the living room to show off and let people know “hey, I got that!” And if you’re not used to hunting elk, that’s where having a guide with you really comes in handy. Your guide knows where the elk are and can help you find them. Plus your guide is passionate about elk hunting so listen up and you’ll learn a lot as you build camaraderie on the hunt. 

A True Outdoor Experience – Especially in Colorado!

Elk hunting becomes not just a quick hunt but an outdoorsman’s experience! You get to eat meals you might not normally have in everyday life, perhaps at a campfire outdoors, and you sleep in a lodge or tent or cabin. You talk about hunting with the others on your hunt. And you get to traverse land that’s totally new to you– not the same old, same old hunting grounds you’ve become bored with over the years. 

If you’d like to find and shoot a trophy bull that’s massive and would look good above your fireplace, then a guided elk hunt with Samuelson Outfitters is the ideal choice. Explore the wilderness of Colorado as you find elk and get your shots in. Your skill level doesn’t matter– having the guide with you will make it all very doable and enjoyable.

What are you waiting for? Forget the deer– go elk hunting in Colorado. Call Samuelson Outfitters to plan your memorable trip: 970-726-8221