Should Hunters Consider Elk and Deer Hunting the Same?

Hunters posing in Colorado

Deer are pretty ubiquitous around the highly populated areas of the United States such as the Northeast. Elk, however, aren’t located seemingly everywhere– but thankfully you can hunt elk in rural Colorado. Samuelson Outfitters organizes guided elk hunts in a road-less section of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest in Colorado– hunting in its most natural state. 

Elk Hunting

Is elk hunting the same as deer hunting? Heck no! With deer, when you hunt them you’re trained to be silent, cautious and patient. Well, that might work for deer, but keep in mind that elk are much bigger animals and their whole world is a lot different than the world of deer. Can you make noise around elk? Yes, you can and you should. By making noises, you’re kind of tricking elk into thinking you’re one of their fellow elk breaking sticks and brushing swish. Stomp on logs. Smash trees with sticks. Elk can handle that! They’re not like deer who’d run off at the sound of any little noise. 

Can you move in sight when you’re near elk? Yes, because elk have poor vision compared to deer. Wear camouflage and a facemask and see what you can get away with– they might not even realize you’re in front of ‘em! 

Should you be aggressive with elk? Yes, run at ‘em and kill ‘em, unlike being so “still” around deer. This is your chance to feel like a wild hunter.

Deer Hunting

Finally, with deer you tend to hunt in one spot and wait for the deer to come around, but with elk they’re on the move so you should be, too. Deer tend to stick to the same square mile where they were born, whereas elk are herd animals who migrate. Do you want to plan your guided elk hunt? Call Samuelson Outfitters at 970-726-8221 for info.