Questions to Ask a Hunting Guide

Thinking of going on a guided hunt? What are some good questions to ask a hunting guide?

Elk Hunting Outfitters Posing  in Colorado

Land Questions

For starters, ask your hunting guide if the land you’ll hunt on is private or public. How many acres are under private control and does the outfitter have exclusive hunting rights there?


Next, ask the guide how many years of experience he or she has as a hunter, and how many years they’ve been working in the area where you’d like to hunt. Do they hunt the property or do they just guide other hunters there?


Thirdly, you can ask for references to get a better idea of what other people thought of hunting with a particular guide. Ask about success rates on shots taken as well as average shot distance. Also ask about temperature and weather conditions during their hunts– that way you can get a good idea of what kind of clothing to pack.

Living Conditions

When you talk with potential guides and/or outfitters, discuss costs, sleeping arrangements, meals and transportation. For instance, where’s the nearest airport? Is there a lodge or would the hunt involve tent camping? Does the guide prepare meals? How much does everything cost?


What are some other things to think about? What’s the guide to hunter ratio? What are some of the physical requirements of the hunt? Are tree stands or box blinds used?

Finally, ask a guide this great question: “What makes you different from everyone else? Why should I hunt with you as my guide?”

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