Colorado hunters were bluffing – We Don’t blame them

So much for that hunting boycott Colorado outdoorsmen were trying to threaten outfitters and the state with.

According to the Denver Post, hunting licenses increased by 17,000 this year, a 4 percent jump from 2012. This comes after hunters said they were going to boycott the 2013 season because the threat of harsher gun regulation laws. Instead, 468,816 applications were processed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, according to the Post, and that number will likely increase because of over-the-counter licenses weren’t included. They can be purchased in July.

When it came down to it, hunters weren’t going to miss out on a chance to harvest a trophy Colorado elk or deer.

Randy Hampton, the CPW public information officer, told the Post there’s a “strong demand” to hunt in Colorado and there should be. With untouched landscapes and hundreds of thousands of elk, deer and bear that roam the beautiful Rocky Mountain countryside, hunters in Colorado don’t know how good they actually have it.

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