Reasons to Go On a Horseback Elk Hunt in Colorado

Hunting on Horseback

Samuelson Outfitters offers horseback elk hunts in Colorado. Why hunt on horseback? There are many good reasons.

One of the main reasons hunters like horseback hunting is that it allows them to cover a lot more terrain in less time compared to walking, right? Horses help make hunting easier, requiring less physical effort from hunters who would otherwise tire of walking. Instead of wearing out your boots, get up on a horse and let him or her do the work of getting you from one place to the other!

Another reason hunters like horseback hunting is that it makes stalking prey easier. Other animals aren’t too scared of hearing four-legged animals approaching them. Furthermore, if you do shoot your prey and kill it, horses can make bringing that trophy back home a lot easier than having to carry it with your own body’s strength. Let the horse handle the weight!

Finally, if you want to be traditional and a bit historical, you can do what your ancestors did– hunt on horseback. Want to feel like a cowboy or cowgirl? Want to feel like you’ve stepped back in time? Riding a horse feels different than riding an ATV. You’ll feel more connected to nature and get a unique perspective as you gallop along trails.

This summer, why not take a pack trip or day ride with Samuelson Outfitters in Colorado? Dates are late May through September, and you can enjoy horseback riding through the Basin even if you’re an inexperienced rider. Samuelson’s price includes staff, horses, tack, saddlebags, horn bags, dome sleep tents, a canopied cook area, hot meals, sack lunch and snacks! You can even get some fundamental riding lessons for the terrain if you’d like.

Do you want to hunt elk on horseback in rural Colorado this summer? Call Samuelson Outfitters to plan your trip today at 888-346-7978.