The Final Countdown to Hunting Season

Hunting seasonSamuelson Outfitters is gearing up for hunting season. Just like schools are preparing for students this time of year, Samuelson Outfitters is getting everything ready for hunters.

As a family-run business in Colorado, Samuelson Outfitters has become well-known for organizing elk hunting trips in the Troublesome Basin. These trips, taken on horseback and foot, are an exciting way to experience elk hunting in the wilderness, far from noisy roads and suburban civilization.

As autumn approaches, we’re happy to report that the main camp has been set up. Located on the East Fork of Troublesome Creek, twenty-five miles north of Granby, Colorado, the main camp features places to cook, socialize and sleep. We checked, and the cold running water system, the wood-burning stoves, and the sleeping mattresses on cots are all ready for visitors.

Meanwhile, our crew has been working to get the hunting trails ready for hunters this season, as well as assembling the needed hunting gear for trips into the wilderness. Archery service hunters are arriving, too, so it is, indeed, like a school starting the school year.

Samuelson Outfitters gives hunters an experience to remember. With elk hunting guides taking you to where the elk are, and the enjoyment of using your archery skills to hunt, the wilderness experience is unlike ordinary life, where most people are stuck in cubicles looking at computer screens all day. If you’ve ever wanted to be “on the land,” now’s your chance to have a rugged outdoor experience.

Call us at 970-726-8221 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our exciting elk hunting experiences in Colorado.