What is Hunting Like in the Troublesome Basin?

Hunter with horse in the Troublesome Basin

Have you ever heard of the Troublesome Basin? It’s one of the best places in Colorado to hunt elk, and it’s where Samuelson Outfitters takes hunters to hunt elk in their natural state, away from roads. The hunting area that Samuleson Outfitters uses is only accessible by foot or horseback.

Where is the Troublesome Basin Located?

The Troublesome Basin is part of the Medicine Bow Routt National Forest, located on the West side of GMU #18, about 20 miles west of Grand Lake and the Western entrance to Rocky National Park. It’s an area surrounded by rugged, mountainous terrain. There are rocky outcrops, talus slopes, ridges cut by creeks, and plenty of forested areas. You’ll see spruce, fir, aspen and lodgepole pines. Located in Grand County, north of the town of Kremmling (home to about 1,500 people), the Troublesome Basin is a very remote area. If you look on a map, you’ll see it’s surrounded by wilderness, as well as Sheep Mountain, Haystack Mountain, etc. There aren’t a lot of roads around these parts. There are, however, thousands of elk and even more deer.

How did Troublesome get its name? Tradition has it that an army party in the 1800s tried crossing a creek there, but due to the soft soil it was “troublesome” to cross. In the late 1800s, the area was home to a couple cabins and a post office, to be followed later on by many ranches. In the early 1900s, the area was also known for growing lettuce and potatoes.

That said, the Troublesome Basin isn’t an easy place for humans to live– which makes it ideal as a place for wildlife, such as elk for you to hunt!

Call Samuelson Outfitters to talk about your elk hunt today-– the number is 970-726-8221. Note: Samuelson’s camps average 8500’ and weather can be varied, so pack accordingly with several layers in order to stay warm.